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Pellets (pellets) made of sawdust

Pellets (pellets) - a modern alternative to gas, coal, fuel oil and firewood. They are made in the form of small solid cylinder of woodworking industry waste: chip nekonditsiyu, shavings, sawdust, slabs.

Characteristics of wood pellets

Eco - emission of carbon monoxide is reduced to 0

Have a high efficiency - the specific heat of combustion of 4,500 Kcal / Kg (at wood - 1900 kcal / kg)

Convenient storage - for 1000 kt requires 1 sq. m area

Suitable for domestic and industrial use


- bags 15, 20 or 25 kg;

- Big bags (900 - 1200 kg).

Delivery across Russia

The enterprise produces is suitable for domestic and industrial uses industrial fuel ash content of 1% .




Granules are grayed out (can brownish tint) - according to the standards of high quality production of fuel pellets allows a small bark content.




Dimensions products constitute 0,5x1,0 cm diameter and 0,6x7,5 cm.

Manufacture of pellets at the "Lyubyatino"

Pellet plant "Lyubyatino" is located in the Tver region. Enterprise performance: 400 t / month. About 80% of production is exported to Northern Europe.




The raw materials in an amount of 1500 m3 / month. imported from sawmills Oleninsky District. Here it goes through several production stages: grinding, drying and granulation. At no stage chemistry is not used, only using natural processes (fermentation under high temperatures), whereby the output is environmentally friendly products.




The manufacturing process of pellets consists of the following stages:

Waste 60% humidity are supplied to a crusher, where crushed to fragments 2,5x2,5x0,2 cm.

The drying plant water content is reduced to 10% .

Semi - finished product in the hammer mills is crushed to a state of "flour".

Using a matrix with numerous holes performed pressing. Bonding is carried out in the granules lignin - substance released under the influence of heat.

The formed pellets are cooled and sliced and then packaged into packets 15, 20, or 25 kg big bags - big bags of rafter loops.

advantages of pellets

Advantages With the high density granules, pellets of wood calorific outperform 2.4 times: 4500 kcal / kg vs. 1900 kcal / kg. By efficiency is second only to gas, but the remoteness of the house, cottage or shop on line are its better alternative.




Advantages of pellet fuel pellets are heated favorably. It is worth it inexpensive, but the amount of high - efficiency heating costs relatively quickly pay for themselves.




The cost of heating with pellets.

Benefits granulOtlichayutsya environmental friendliness and low ash content. Due to this it is necessary to clean the boiler only 1 time per month / heating season.




Advantages granulProstota to use: automatically fed into the combustion chamber.




The use of pellets

The granules are intended mainly for combustion in spetskotlah heating systems of private houses and apartment buildings, schools and hospitals, with the / x plants and industrial plants.




They can also be used as bedding for livestock and floor insulation in the barn. Wood pellets are an excellent absorbent, able to absorb a lot of moisture and is absorbed

Country of manufacture:Russia
Type of fuel:Solid
Information is up-to-date: 12.07.2021

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